Ten Ways to Get More Out of Your LIfe

Terri LevineBy Terri Levine

Whether you work in a large corporate office or manage a home business, despite advances in technology, you probably work as hard today as you did three to five years ago and put yourself at the bottom of your list of priorities. You’ll take time out for yourself when… and there are a list of conditions you have that will signal when that time is right at some unknown future date. Am I correct?

If you honestly believe that everything hinges on you, and this justifies to you your decision to do everything yourself and to try and be all things to all people, you are placing huge and unnecessary demands on your time and energy. How can you serve others and stay on the top of your game if you are run down and tired?

There is only one way to achieve peak fitness for the task and that is to take care of yourself.  There is no magic pill that can replace self-care.  And an important part of self-care is ensuring your life is balanced. This goes beyond the simple work/life balance concept and involves you serving yourself as much as you serve others in your life and work.

 Here are 10 tips to help you get started:

1. Know What You Want.  Even if you are in your dream career, there is more to life than work. What else in life do you want to experience and discover?  What would make you happy and fulfilled – and keep the oughts and shoulds out of it!  Think only of dreams and wants.

2. “Live” your passion.   I’m not talking about your career or business.  Thinking in terms of balance, what non-work related activities are you passionate about that you would be happy to incorporate into your life?  Hobbies?  Sports?  Theatre?  Dancing?  Travel?

3. Don’t just dream, do it!  Dreams have a better chance of becoming reality if you do more than just think/focus on them. So, if your dream is to spend each weekend in the country, organize it now and do it. If your dream is to play golf with your friends every Sunday, make the appointment and do it. You will be surprised how easily it fits in with your life once you actually do it and you will wonder why it took you so long!

4. Plan.  Sometimes, it is easier to plan by working backwards.  That is, start with the end, with where you want to end up and then work backwards to where you are now.  If you look to the future and plan, you are already taking the first step forward to incorporating your desires into your life.

5.  Learn to say no.  Most people’s problems stem from the inability to say that tiny little word “no”.  You need to set boundaries if you are going to “have a life”, a real life that is balanced and includes fun and enjoyment. You need to learn to say no, so you can avoid burn-out and stress.  Nobody else is going to say no for you. They’re too busy saying no to you so they can focus on what they want most out of life!

6. Lose attachment to the outcome.  We are usually attached to specific outcomes and when things don’t turn out the way we expect or hope, we become upset or disheartened.  We do all the right things with goal planning and visualizing and we are told to imagine how we want the end result to look like, but in so doing, we don’t allow ourselves to consider alternative results. Accept that whatever happens is for the best and highest good of all concerned – whether it makes sense or not.  Sometimes, we do not have all the answers and we don’t have to.  Relinquish and experience the freedom of living in the flow of life, and open yourself up to wonderful “coincidences”.

7. You Attract What You Think About the Most.  Ever heard of the laws of attraction; the concept that you attract to yourself that which you think the most often about? You don’t have to know how it works, just know that it does. Help yourself to attract what you want in your life by focusing your thoughts, like a laser, on those “wants”. Be careful – if you think about what you don’t want, by putting your focus on those thoughts that is what you will attract – and you don’t want that!  For example, if you desire to lose weight, you should visualize yourself as already thin and “see” your new slim self in new clothes and NOT see yourself overweight – even if that is what you are now. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between imagined and real – so feed it what you want it to focus on!

8. Helping others.  Regardless of whether your job entails doing this all day, do you help others in your personal life, when you’re not paid to do it?  It might be something as simple as getting information for somebody to save them time, or returning a library book.  Know that when you do this, you set yourself up for good “karma” (the law of cause and effect, or what goes around comes around) and what you give out will come back to you in more expansive ways.

9. If you’re really “stuck”, hire a Coach.  If someone were sick, you’d tell them to see a Doctor.  If their life is unbalanced, you send them to a Life Coach, who helps people achieve work/life balance and achieve more in life than just professional glory.

10. Remember, We are here to have fun!  We are humans, with feelings, interests, passions and dreams. We are not robots. There is no law that says we must only work and never be allowed to enjoy ourselves. Find ways to reward yourself and enjoy your life.  Do something simply for the pleasure of doing it and make time in your life for doing it. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Terri LevineTerri Levine, The Business Mentoring Expert, specializes in helping entrepreneur-owned businesses achieve record breaking growth. Based in Philadelphia, Terri is founder and CEO or Comprehensive Coaching U, Inc., The Professional’s Coach Training Program. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, CNBC and MSNBC, and in more than 1,500 publications. She is the best-selling author of Sell Without Selling, Coaching is For Everyone, and Stop Managing Start Coaching. Learn more at http://www.TerriLevine.com. Contact Terri at Terri@TerriLevine.com.

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