Meet Kelsey Howard: New MOM Editor Intern

Kelsey Howard

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey Howard and I am 19 years old. I am young, but I am aged beyond my years. I am currently in my last semester at State College of Florida and transferring to University of South Florida in Tampa in the fall. I am majoring in Mass Communications with a focus on magazine production and plan to graduate in the spring of 2014. I enjoy magazine, print and online publications, because each has its own purpose.  Every magazine has a goal and focus point for its readers and the fact that they are able to reach out and touch the lives of each reader individually really inspires me. It inspires me to publish my own thoughts and ideas so that other readers can feel what I am feeling. In the case of Mentor Online Magazine, I am excited to share with other women the situations that embarrass us, the moments that bring us happiness, and the overall feeling of accomplishment that we get by becoming independent women. Whether you are juggling the task of raising kids, attempting to climb the corporate ladder, trying to find yourself, or striving to uphold your own business, I look forward to introducing new ideas and techniques that will make each step a little bit easier. I hope that the information I am able to share with you will help you reach your goals.

Kelsey Howard is Mentor Online Magazine (MOM) editor intern. She will be taking the reins of MOM until May 2012, so let’s give her plenty of help and feedback, so she can become a great magazine editor and mentor. 

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