Stuck in Shiny Object Syndrome? Wasting time and money?

Stuck in Shiny Object Syndrome? Wasting time and money?

Tamara "Tami" Patzer, founder of MentorOnlineMagazine.comBy Tamara Patzer


Are you stuck in your journey to moving from a job to multiple streams of income? Frozen by fear? Indecision? Shiny Object Syndrome? There is a big difference between people who wish and people who do. I didn’t realize this until I was part of the online world on Facebook in a group of like-minded people who are making or say they want to make a living using online methods. On one side of the proverbial coin are the people who buy business opportunities and use them, and people who complain that the business opportunity they paid their hard earned money doesn’t work.


Pros and Cons


I have witnessed and participated in conversations about what works and doesn’t work with online marketing with hundreds of people. What I know is that everything will work if you put time, energy and effort into it; and everything that doesn’t work fails due to lack of enthusiasm, effort and energy put into it. Same coin. Different side.

Ask Yourself

If you were to ask me about any opportunity, I would say that only you know the truth. If you buy it, will you put your time, energy, and commitment into it, so it grows, develops and becomes what it can become for YOU?

Don’t buy into the hype of big money overnight, or make $1000 in the next 24 hours or whatever big gimmick is grabbing at your lizard brain. Make a decision based on real information and TRUTH.  Ask yourself: Am I ready to use this “insert product name here” to make a part-time or full-time income? Will I really put in all of my extra time into learning this? Is it that important? Do I have a vision for my life that this “product” or “opportunity” can help me attain? What am I willing to give up to make this opportunity really work for me? (This may be time, a clean house, a relationship, an orderly life)…see yourself in the future…what does your life look like after you took advantage of this opportunity? Is it better? Worse? What does your life look like in the future if you pass on this opportunity? What are the obstacles? If you had no obstacles, would this opportunity still look good? Are you really interested in this product and what is offers? Is it all about the money? Helping people? What is your why?

Do this little exercise and I bet the answer will be very clear to you. Opportunity is always knocking, but we don’t always answer the door. It’s always your choice.

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