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For’s Thursday Tip, I would like to introduce Cross-Channel Mojo, a new 7-feature multi-channel marketing system that is worth a look. This is Mike Koenig’s Monster Followup turned Instant Customer with a whole lot more! It’s been tested and it’s patented. I have been waiting for this for a year and  a half and I can happily say that Cross-Channel Mojo is something that I can get behind. I love it so much and I am TESTING it with my personal clients and getting rave results. I have partnered with Jim Cockrum, Jim Orr and Hans Milberger to tell the world about Cross-Channel Mojo. Read Jim’s blog and stay tuned! This is exciting for you and I.

By Jim Cockrum

I’ve just seen a demo of “Cross Channel Mojo” by Mike Koenigs, and I’m impressed. You’ll be hearing more about it soon from multiple sources, but make this blog post your “home” for the “inside scoop” on this new product.

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This page will soon contain my opinions (I’m still gathering some facts) on the pending release of “Cross Channel Mojo”.  Since I endorse only one or two “launches” per year (at most), I hope you’ll stop by to see why I’m VERY excited about this concept and what I’m willing to do to ensure your success with this revolutionary yet simple tool.

While I could list dozens of examples of how this concept will revolutionize lead capture and followup, simply consider these example scenarios:

  • A real estate agent that gets notification by text on his cell phone instantly with the name and phone number of any prospect that watches an online “walk through” for one of his listed houses. The entire process is run my Mobile Marketing Machines
  • A chiropractor pays you $1,000 upfront and $400 per month to launch and run a full Online+Offline lead generation, capture and follow up system for his practice that adds in new prospects seven different ways and follows up on autopilot. It only takes you minutes to set it all up because all of the work has been done for you and it’s “wizard” ready for your input.  There is NO competition that can touch the tools you have to offer and you can demonstrate it to him in 45 seconds.  A few short training videos is all you need to be up to speed, and ANY “lead reliant” business could be your next customer.
  • Automated webinars could be running 24/7 for you educating prospects, driving leads, and generating sales for any client, or for any product or niche market – and you optionally get a text message with full contact info each time someone views the entire presentation. (Talk about WARM LEADS!)
  • A student who graduates from college, can’t find a job, but starts selling this product that can be demonstrated in under a minute to virtually ANY business or individual that is trying to get attention for their cause, business, art, music, organization etc.
  • I could go on and on…stay tuned for more.

In the mean time, take personal inventory of your situation and make sure that you have room in your life to take this seriously for a couple days.  This IS NOT for everyone. I spend time talking people OUT of every launch I endorse because many people just aren’t positioned for them.  Being positioned for opportunity is more important than the opportunity itself. If you haven’t read my book yet (it’s $5) or my best seller yet, you need to check them out for full proof of why I make the claim that:

The era of big websites and SEO is dying while the era of relationships and influence is booming…and this is THE BEST tool I’ve seen yet to help you (or any client) stay on top.

For those serious about this opportunity, consider the fact that I’ve taught more people how to succeed in this niche that any other “guru” or “expert” out there. I have clients paying me very well for my advice, and I founded with my partner Andrew Cavanagh because of my firm believe in this mega-trend. now has over 10,000 members who are all learning from our resident experts about how to use the Internet as a power tool of influence and relationships & to assist traditional “offline” businesses (brick-n-mortars) and get paid well for doing it.

Many of the success stories you’ll hear in this industry have their roots in OfflineBiz.

My bonus to you will be your success (on top of a bunch of other great stuff). While I can’t promise you’ll succeed, I can promise we’ll work with you (personally if you desire) until you have a business that is making serious money.  We’ll have a line up of unbelievable experts waiting to answer your questions and train you to success IF you choose to make the serious step of buying “Cross Channel Mojo”.

Additional bonuses coming from some wildly successful users of Instant Customer (the tool behind the launch of Cross Channel Mojo).  We’re talking about EXCLUSIVE stuff you won’t find anywhere else.


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