Finding Time: Reset your clock and appreciate the now

Tamara "Tami" Patzer, founder of MentorOnlineMagazine.comBy Tamara Patzer

Last week I was struck by either the flu or a gallbladder attack. (It’s been a long, long time since I was so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed!)

It hit in the wee hours of the morning and I will leave out the details. As I was recuperating, I noticed how my days ticked by slowly. An hour seemed like an eternity. A day felt like a week. The four days I lost to illness was like being away from work for two weeks.

When I regained my health, it struck me that indeed my internal clock had been reset. For the past several years (let’s be honest, the last 34 years), my life have been fast paced and in overdrive. I have popped out of bed at 6 a.m. and fallen into bed at 1 or 2 a.m. Until a year ago, I was commuting to and from work for at least three hours a day. I am happy to report that I just celebrated my one-year anniversary of being self-employed with my reliance on multiple streams of income that I have created to support myself and my family.

In the past year, I have been supercharged and working six or seven days a week to move forward. (I know that is not the  goal, but in order to be self-sufficient and to reach the goal of only working a few well chosen hours a day or week while my business runs without me, I do have to put in some real hours to set the system into motion.)

Everyone needs to be honest about working for one’s self. Yes, it’s worth it and no, it’s not automatic and yes, it takes honest labor, time, love and dedication to see it through.

While at first I certainly didn’t appreciate being knocked on my butt,

I took this past week’s illness as the blessing it was…I found time. Just as the calendar called for us to “fall” back, I got the call to “reset” my clock.

Sometimes you just need to “find the time.” Think about it.

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