Mentor Online Magazine Reader Pat Straub: ‘It’s All About You!’

Mentor Online Magazine MOM encourages its readers to share your thoughts and advice with everyone. Today, MOM reader Pat Straub says some sage advice about how treating your at home workplace with respect along with keeping up your appearance help you maintain a sense of commitment to your work goals. Thanks to Pat for sharing today’s wisdom. I invite you to share your advice and wisdom with Mentor Online Magazine readers. Thank you very much. Tamara Patzer, Publisher. 

By Pat Straub

You may have a business where you never leave your home while you are working. You may go out in public and runs errands for your business, like going to the bank or post office. You may meet with clients or potential clients on a regular basis. No matter what category you fit in, the way you look and feel will make a big difference.

Get ready for ‘work’

While working from home sounds great to a lot of people, you can easily fall into ruts or bad habits which stop you from being as productive as you need to be.  You should get ready for each “work day” by showering, grooming and dressing so you feel good about yourself.

Looking Good

Your appearance will speak loudly about your capabilities. People will respect you because you let them know you think enough about yourself to look presentable. Even if you are not leaving your home office, get ready just the same. It will make you take yourself seriously about what you are doing or trying to do.

Keep it Clean

Make your workspace clean and tidy too, even if you are just using the kitchen table.  When you are ready to work, clean the table and put some work-related or motivational items on the table. It may give you that little nudge you need to be more productive.

Second hand is OK

You don’t have to have a lot of money to make a nice workspace or to look nice. Second-hand stores and thrift stores are used by many people. Websites such as Craig’s List and eBay are successful because they give people the chance to buy something at a reduced rate because somebody else no longer needed or wanted  that item.

Self-confidence, self-respect, self-employment…it’s all about you!

Pat Straub is an entrepreneur living her dream lifestyle in sunny SW Florida.


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