Meet Laura Berger: How Can You Learn to Love Yourself Beyond Your Achievements & Titles?

It’s Triple Thursday at I would like to introduce you to Laura Berger, a new mentor expert at MOM. Laura shares her intimate story of her struggle with an identity crisis that led to her to self-discovery. Join me in welcoming Laura Berger to MOM’s warm embrace. On this special day, embrace your personal power and take a step toward discovering your life purpose. Thank you, Tamara Patzer, publisher of P.S. Please subscribe and share MOM with your friends and families!

Who is Laura Berger- Outside of Her Accomplishments and Titles?

My journey to self-discovery was revealed to me while living in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Trapped between fear and desire, my husband and I moved to what we thought would be paradise.  The desire to be bold, throw caution to the wind and go against the grain was the main reason we left corporate America in our 30s to follow our dreams.

One of the ultimate ironies I encountered was that living in paradise took a tremendous adjustment.  I was so wrapped up in who I was – or thought I was – in my profession and my accomplishments.  I experienced an identity crisis. My sense of self worth came from my work, my independence and intelligence and I had walked away from it all.

Shredded to Pieces:

In the spirit of being transparent, I thought that I would share with you my journal during the darkest moments of not knowing and loving me for me.

New Years Eve: 2006:

“I feel like a piece of paper that has just gone through a shredder. There is no way to put the pieces back together.  Can I sort through which piece belongs where, to make the paper (me) look as if it was never shredded?  Realistically, the remains and evidence of this shredded paper will exist forever until perhaps it disintegrates.  Is it possible for this paper to be repaired back into something more durable or does it need some kind of support to assist in its strength?  Where is this support? Where did I go and who am I now?

I had come to think of myself as a piece of paper that had been wadded up, thrown away and eventually shredded- of no value.

How Can You Learn to Love Yourself Beyond Your Achievements & Titles?

  • Create the shift:  Imagine looking through a kaleidoscope and continuing to shift the lens to see what new shapes and patterns form.  How do you feel while looking into a kaleidoscope when it is completely black?  Is this how you feel when stripped of your achievements? As you move the lens several degrees, begin to envision what colors represent you – be it love, courage, inspiration, fearlessness and see what you have created—a rainbow of beautiful colors and patterns that embody you.
  • Give yourself permission to receive:  You cannot love yourself if you do not feel worthy of receiving –period!  Practice receiving by making one request for help or support per day.  Do something you have always wanted to do for yourself but have never done. Allow others to nourish you!
  • Design The Empowered You Memoir: Begin to document your happiness, courage, freedom or other positive aspects of your personal life.   These could be moments of joy that you experienced by yourself.  Keep this separate from a journal that you may already have.  The Empowered Memoir not only represents the POWERFUL YOU, but can be shared with loved ones, such as your children or parents.

As Oprah said, “the biggest breakthrough in life is to find your purpose”.  The wonderful news is that since 2006, I have come to know and love myself, a pre-requisite to identifying one’s purpose.  I am courageous and empowered.

Coupled with real-life takeaways from my life abroad and my senior-level corporate experience, I look forward to supporting, advising and providing step-by-step action plans that enable women’s achievement in the workplace and in their personal and professional relationships.

The Professional Side:

Laura is an Executive Advisor and Founder of The Berdéo Group. She is also Director of Corporate Programs at Tiara—Exceptional Women’s Coaching.

She provides cutting-edge perspectives that enable women’s achievement in the workplace and in their personal and professional relationships.

Organizations with a hunger to retain, and advance their top female talent, partner with Laura for women’s leadership development and coaching programs. She takes great pride in assisting captains of business to bring value and creativity to their organizations.

Coupled with real-life takeaways from her life abroad and her senior-level corporate experience, Laura brings her concepts to audiences with metaphors that inspire “a-ha” moments.

An authority on women’s workplace & leadership development issues, all of Laura’s articles and speaking engagements support, advise and provide step-by-step action plans to succeed both in an entrepreneurial and corporate environment.

Her cutting edge perspectives have been featured as top stories in national publications.

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