Affiliate marketing is NOT a business and other tips from the Internet’s Most Trusted Advisor!

Today, I am introducing my online hero, Jim Cockrum. Jim is one of the top people you want to watch and learn from if you are serious about creating multiple streams of income. This article is reprinted here on with permission. Note: My testimonial is featured. Look for it and please do comment. Thanks, Tamara Patzer, publisher of Mentor Online Magazine.

By Jim Cockrum

1. Affiliate Marketing IS NOT a Business

I’ve been told I’m crazy and out of touch for saying that “affiliate marketing is not a business for newbies”. Even if someone “takes you by the hand” and shows you “step by step” how to do it your odds of success after MONTHS or even YEARS of focused effort ARE ABYSMAL (how many “gurus” are telling you that part of the story?), and on top of that you’ll be the one taking all the risk giving leads to other people’s businesses while fighting hundreds of competitors for the right to do so!

It’s starting to really tick me off actually!

The truth is, even online marketers with years of experience are abandoning affiliate marketing the way it’s being taught.

Check out this latest blog post with even more evidence that I’ve been right about affiliate marketing for years!

Let me know your thoughts! I’m happy to debate the issue or clarify any points of confusion. In other words, “bring it!”

2. “Silent Sales Machine” update

As you may have heard I’m slowly rolling out the latest update of what is arguably the all time most sold, most read, and most “foundational to the online success of thousands” ebook in the world. It has helped literally thousands of people with their online businesses and I’ve just re-written it top to bottom.

Rather than hear me say more about the latest $5 update of “Silent Sales Machine” here are some words directly from a recent reader:

—— “Hi, Jim, I wanted to share with you how much I am getting out of your re-release of The Silent Sales Machine (7.0)

Every chapter has golden nuggets and reaffirms many things I thought. As you know, I’ve used your advice to create my business since May 2010. I URGE anyone who wants to create the life of their dreams to read The Silent Sales Machine. It is more than 100 pages of REAL CONTENT with details and even what NOT to do…if I were to only suggest one AUTHOR to read about online marketing… it’s JIM COCKRUM.

Heck, even the way Jim writes the book is a big CLUE about how to use ebooks to market your business. Thanks, Jim! I really, really appreciate all you do to help me and others. I am so happy I have been fortunate to have met you in person, so when I read your work, it is like you are talking directly to me!”

Tamara Patzer (Hey, that’s me, publisher of

Remember – the book hasn’t officially been released yet, but you can get the full ebook for $5 at:

The all time best selling, creative income ideas ebook online!

For updates on the official launch, and to leave feedback or ask questions visit this blog post:

3. Quick Tips


    Quick Tip 1

I want your story!

Some of the most inspirational parts of any book are the big (and little) stories of success from others. It’s also great exposure for you, your brand or your website to share your story!

The people behind the stories that made it into my book at are reporting back to me in some cases thanking me for the positive exposure they’ve gotten!

If you’ve used any of my books, ideas, membership sites or courses to succeed please send me your story. We can be as specific or as vague with your story as you’d like (it MUST be true and verifiable of course), but it will be used to inspire and encourage others on towards success.

email me: JimCockrum *at* (replace *at* with @ of course)

    Quick Tip 2

Including images in email marketing

I’ve just recorded a short video (posted on youtube) that shows you how to make sure your customers and prospects are able to see the images that you include in your email messages.

NOTE: I DON’T typically use images in mass email blasts like the newsletter you are now reading. This is because mass-mailed/graphic intensive email is very likely to get blocked by aggressive email filters. I do however use images frequently in “drip” or “follow up” campaigns where the number of recipients is smaller on a day to day basis.

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