Triple T Thursday: Stressed? Just Desserts, please!

It’s Triple T Thursday, and Kristina is back with some great tips to help deal with stress. Take a deep breath and enjoy the next few minutes and be sure to take me up on my invitation at the end of the article. Thanks, Tamara Patzer, publisher of

Stressed? Just Desserts, please!

By Kristina Blasen

I saw a quip on Facebook today to remember that Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts…of course, the problem with constant stress may be that it leads to too many desserts!

Seriously though, in these rough economic times everyone I know seems to be under more and more constant STRESS.

We all know how terrible stress is on our lives, but do we really think about the toll it takes.

The obvious is that too much stress is bad for our health, we gain too much weight, we can’t sleep, people take up bad habits like smoking or drinking too much, we are less productive at work, and quicker to snip and snipe at home, some people even start having anxiety and panic attacks.

Change is Stressful

Stress can come from GOOD change as well as BAD change or even a lack of change in our lives.

Most people have no idea how to even begin to lower their stress, especially when the stress is seen as coming from a CAUSE that they feel like they don’t have the power to change.

For example, if you HAVE to work a second job and balancing the schedule is stressful, most people believe that there is no way to alleviate that extra stress without quitting the second job. Or maybe you are going back to school to learn new skills and try to break into a better paying field and that causes stress; again, most people think there is nothing you can do about that kind of stress. When you’ve been in the house all day with your kids, this causes stress, but kids always cause stress because they need attention and make messes, once you’ve got them, nothing you can do? Right?

YOU CAN RELIEVE YOUR STRESS without quitting the job, leaving school, or kicking the kids out to the yard!

Try these stress relievers

Maybe no one ever taught you how to relieve stress, or maybe you’ve just forgotten, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  •  Breathe deeply, as you breathe out, visualize the stress leaving your body and going our harmlessly into the environment to be recycled and cleansed


  • Go for a walk, either by yourself or with your kids, even 10 minutes outside will relieve stress, focus on looking at nature, this is calming and renews our spirit


  • Turn on some music, this can be soft and soothing or something that makes you want to get up and go!


  • Take a bubble bath and bring a book or magazine with you!


  • Pick one item on the never-ending list of things that need to get done and focus on doing and completing just that one item, then bask in the feeling of accomplishing something and crossing it off that mental or literal to-do list.


  • Take a few extra minutes to look your best in the morning and enjoy an all day energy boost!


  • Smile and say something nice to everyone you meet today & see how you feel at the end of the day!


  • Get your feelings out by writing them down, a daily journal of stream of consciousness “junk” writing can help you uncover the things that are stressing you out!


These are all “common sense” tips, but they really work to relieve stress without the desserts! Which one will you try today?

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