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Back in 2003, I was working as a newspaper editor and college professor. Loosely translated, that means I was working about 60 hours a week at my full time job and another 10-15 driving up and down the freeway from Englewood, Florida, to Tampa, Florida (about 180 round trip and at least 3 hours round trip). I was stressed out. Worn out. Ragged! One day I went into the ladies room and as I stood in front of the mirror and I held up my hands and asked God, “Give me strength!” Suddenly it dawned on me that I was asking for the wrong thing. Instead of asking for solutions to my problems, I was asking for strength to handle more and more. In a flash, I realized that I needed to ask for serenity, calm and answers. At that time, I was reading Wayne Dyer’s books. I really understood what Wayne had to say and I wanted to meet him in person.

Meet Wayne Dyer

I started to do research about where Wayne Dyer was speaking. I didn’t have any money to fly anywhere, but I did find out that Wayne Dyer was speaking at something called the Silva Method Convention in Miami, Florida. I looked up The Silva Method and found out that it was developed by Jose Silva in Laredo, Texas back in the 1950s and early 1960s. Millions of people around had benefited from it and it was a technique based on reconnecting with your higher power, using more of  your mind and best of all, about how to change your life. I wanted to go and of course, I wanted to meet Wayne Dyer in person.

I called the Silva Method in Texas and I told them I was a newspaper editor. I asked if I could come to the convention and cover it for my newspaper. The answer was yes. I had entrance to the convention as long as I paid my own accommodations. I could do that. Miami was just a 3-hour trip away from home.

To make a long story shorter, I went to Miami and I discovered the Silva Method and became a certified Silva Method instructor. I would like to share this resource with you at MentorOnlineMagazine. The centering exercise that Silva Method  offers if very calming and relaxing. You learn how to relax from head to toe and to open up your mind the possibilities. We all have unlimited resources within us, but sometimes we get stuck in the mire of worry, stress and the day-to-day struggles. Take a few moments and get your centered in preparation for the best that is yet to come.


By the way, I did meet Wayne Dyer in person! You can achieve anything when you visualize it! Take Action and Do it! Believe!

Believe in your dreams!

MOM is here for you!


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Free Centering Exercise Silva Method

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