Rare Giant Armadillo Photographed

By Tamara Patzer

Rare giant armadillo photographed…this headline caught my attention Wednesday evening as I was thinking about MentorOnlineMagazine.com and my latest adventure: “Ask Tami: Talk Your Way to the Top.

Tamara "Tami" Patzer, founder of MentorOnlineMagazine.comI bet it caught your attention and you wondered what the H-E-double toothpicks does a rare giant armadillo have to do with MentorOnlineMagazine and Triple T Thursday, which Tami promised to be a tip, trick or trend. Well, a rare giant armadillo is what MOM is all about. I am not sure if I told you the story about how MOM was born.

MentorOnlineMagazine.com was created when I was missing my own mother on August 28, 2011. Not that long ago, remember this date because it is relevant to my story. I had been working hard for my clients and I was invited to a party by one of my multi-stream income friends.  She was having a Miche Handbag, Gold buying and Angel Card reading party…sounded like fun to me. I like Miche bags, I wish I had gold to sell, and I enjoy getting in touch with Angels. That day had been rough, my car had a flat tire and I didn’t make it to the bank, so even though I was willing, I was lacking cash. The newspaper editor in me kicked in and I was interviewing the Angel Card reader when my hostess gave me $20 to get my Angel cards read.

I didn’t argue and I willing chose three cards from the Angel card deck. The good news I received was that all of my hard work would eventually pay off if I stayed the course. I chose to discuss my work life instead of my relationship life, which had also been a topic of personal concern (another story for another time). I was happy to hear that all I needed to do was “be nice” and ask for help in the area of abundance and prosperity. I also was told that I needed to start treating myself better and pull back in some my energy that I was expending. (I took that advice and took a day off the other day. It was nice to not work and I went the beach to float.)

Overall, my message was positive. On the way home from that interesting party, I started thinking as I often do when I am driving. I was thinking about my mother and how much I missed her and needed an advisor. I needed someone who cared about me and my success. I needed someone who would be there and provide me with wise advice. I needed a mentor. As I thought about all of these traits that my mother had and had provided for me until I was 27, (She died in 1985. You do the math.) I realized that I could create this and help hundreds if not thousands of other people who like me needed a mom, mentor, advisor and friend. I started thinking about how I could provide this for myself and others. MOM, mom, MOM…what is a mom?

I rolled the notion around as I drove and MentorOnlineMagazine popped into my mind. MOM. I couldn’t wait to get home and check GoDaddy to see if my name was available. It was! As you know, www.MentorOnlineMagazine.com was available because you are here now reading it.

In a flurry of activity, I decided how to produce MOM. I contacted experts from around the nation, looked a how to monetize it, and how to promote it. In my efforts, I was able to create and produce the first issue of Mom in a few days.

My point for this article today and the Rare Giant Armadillo Photographed is that each one of us IS a rare giant armadillo. Each one of us has a unique idea and each one of us can create something out of nothing. It just takes action and persistence. So for today, my Triple T Thursday tip for today is Be A Rare Giant Armadillo. Take Action. Do something to move your hopes and dreams forward. Remember, when I told you that MOM was just an idea in my head on August 28, 2011? Well, Ask Tami: Talk Your Way to the Top was just an idea on September 14, 2011. It’s about implementation. If you can implement your ideas, you will succeed. Mom is here for you! (Hint: You can not make excuses about why you can’t make it happen. Just do it. Report back and let me know what you created in your life!)


If you find value in MentorOnlineMagazine.com, please do comment. You can add your comments at the end of any article. Watch for more great expert mentor articles coming soon. Thanks, Tamara Patzer


If you are interested in learning more about how I implement my expertise, check out Ask Tami: Talk Your Way to the Top at http://www.talktotopformula.com



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