Motivation Monday: Re-Vision — Re-Imagine Your Vision of Success

A-C-T-I-O-N has been on my mind a lot lately and Kristina Blasen really drives home the point of the power of the human mind and spirit in this Motivation Monday article. Pay close attention to the tips she provides here. Take a few minutes to re-vision your life. Report back and let us know how it’s going for you. Watch for a recorded interview with Kristina Blasen this week. Kristina is my first guest on Ask Tami: Mentor Online Magazine. 

Kristina BlasenBy Kristina Blasen

I was thinking today about “Motivation Mondays” here at MOM and why you’d need some extra motivation…especially on a MONDAY…after the weekend…

Might that be a sign that you aren’t doing whatever you feel deep inside you that you are SUPPOSED to be doing Monday through Friday when you are stuck at the J-O-B where you’re bored and unhappy?

If you dread going into your J-O-B, how long will you stay out of fear instead of stepping out into the unknown to live the life you wish you had? What will it take for you to wake up and make a change?

So what are we SUPPOSED to be doing anyway? Most people don’t know, or haven’t tried to do anything other than chase the dreams that we thought led to other people’s approval and to security and respectability rather than even attempt to follow the internal urgings and dreams of our own making. We’ve been taught that having a JOB is the only way to survive and having a GOOD job is the only acceptable path to “SUCCESS.”

What if success was no longer defined by money and your job? What if you looked at success as something completely different than having a full-time job, working overtime, putting money in the bank “for a rainy day,” being seen as upstanding and responsible because you don’t make waves and try to fit in…

What does success mean to you?

What does success mean to you? (Where did that idea come from? Who told you that? Is it true? Has it changed over time? Is it still true now?)

Turn it upside down and look again.

Is that what you really want?

Personally, I’ve always felt unhappy and stifled in a traditional 40+ hour a week job, paying my bills, trying to save and living the “normal” life…true, it is more stressful to branch out into my own business, to patch together part-time jobs so that I can have flexibility and freedom to spend more time at home, writing, playing with my kids, but it is worth it! At the end of this path I will have FULFILLED my dreams, will you?

We are supposed to be creating the life we imagine and daydream about, actually taking the steps to CREATE the dreams that aren’t just a passing fancy, the ones that come back again and again, year after year to talk to us, to ask again if we will choose to follow them and to create something new and unimaginably good.

Think about the RARE times when you have done something new, followed and achieved a dream. WOW! There is so much energy in those moments! When you choose to put the hard work and effort into taking steps to make your dreams REAL, that feeling of alive and that powerful energy is available to you!


1) The first step that you can take to start on a path to fulfilling your dreams is to write down your goals.

Whenever I’ve written my goals and dreams down, it is amazing to find those pages, sometimes years later and see how many of those dreams came to pass and even how many are in progress right now!

I love doing this, because it is like entering those INTENTIONS to make those dreams a reality into my unconscious mind so that they seem to happen without my even having to think about it all the time!

This Works!

2) Create a personal plan for each goal including a timeline and as much detail as you know right now about how you might be able to make it happen.

I just recently came across a detailed plan I wrote for myself concerning all the things I wanted to do and accomplish for myself while a graduate student working on my Ph.D. This was written in 2006. At the time, I was just beginning the journey of teaching college students as a graduate instructor, but I also knew that I wanted to get experience advising students, to work as a graduate researcher at some point in the future, to present at conferences and publish academically before finishing. Of course, some of these were more important to me, but they ALL went on the list as things I wanted out of the experience as a whole.

Of course, after the first year or two, I was on to another notebook and didn’t actively LOOK at my sheet, or even think in any organized way about those goals since I was too busy living the details of preparing for classes I was teaching, going to my own classes, doing homework and taking care of kids…nevertheless, time goes by and this year I’m almost done with my Ph.D. I’m officially a doctoral candidate now and I’m a graduate researcher. I’m speaking at a conference in October and I’m due to publish academic writing this year as well. Looking back, I did all those things, I spent three years teaching college students, two years advising college students and adults and now I’m on to the final three: researching, speaking and publishing.

Use these steps to begin to CREATE the life you imagine and remember that you want to live success as YOU imagine it, not as someone else dictates.

Kristina BlasenMy life’s journey is about helping others to realize their potential, to mentor others and encourage their dreams to become reality, to help others grow, to offer counsel and support, to offer a helping hand and is realized by being a catalyst for change.


Kristina Blasen is a transformative life coach. She specializes in working with teens and adults to help them discover their life purpose and create a plan to turn their dreams into reality. She believes strongly in radical change! Do you need radical change in your life? She may be reached at:


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