Motivation Monday: Build a Power Pyramid to Success

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By Kristina Blasen


I can’t say this enough, surround yourself with positive people
who believe in you and support your success 100%
and AMAZING things will start to happen!


The Power of Belief

There is a POWER in belief. When other people believe in you and support you in succeeding and working towards you dreams it empowers you to achieve more than you ever dreamed you could. When you know you have people who will stand for you and help you, you are then empowered to believe in YOURSELF more than you ever thought you could which then leads you to do more, try harder, dream bigger, work around the obstacles and to persevere far above and beyond what you ever thought you were capable of BECAUSE you know others believe in you and are counting on you and hoping for you to succeed.
This “power” supports you when you start to question and doubt yourself and your dreams. Think about it, it is hard to believe in our own success IN THE MOMENT when things aren’t going well, but when we have a GROUP of people who believe in and support us, their belief can act as the bridge we need to keep going when things aren’t going great. After all, success is often JUST AROUND THE CORNER! We tend to give up when we are 90% there because we are tired and because so many of us have a tendency to sabotage our own success through FEAR.

Find Your Supporters

We all know this is true, but we forget. It really does matter who you choose to be around in your day to day life. If you choose people who see the world as against them, who believe something “bad” is going to happen, who have a mentality that there is never enough (time, money, happiness) to go around, then you will see the world through the lens of their beliefs about how the world works. When you talk with these people, not only is the glass always half empty, but all the sudden YOUR ENERGY feels like a balloon with a hole in it that is slowly deflating. We’ve all been around people like that! The key is to spend LESS TIME with the negative group of people (whether they are friends, co-workers, family members) who are negative and spend MORE TIME with the people who are positive and supportive of your dreams. You can build a pyramid of success that can support and sustain you as you work day by day to build the life you dream of!

Do you have someone who always makes you feel a little better, a little brighter, a little more hopeful after you talk to them? Do you have someone who thinks about things differently from you, so they are great to call and get advice from since they can see the parts you’d never think of? Do you have someone who no matter how wild or wacky your latest idea or dream they will support and encourage you?

Who are the people that can be part of your PYRAMID TO SUCCESS?

Here is a visual of what these loving and supportive people are really doing for you and in helping you achieve your dreams:

G       I        V        E         R        S

Do you see it?
(It may be your dream, but look at all the people who play a part in making you a success!)


Become a Mentor and Help Others Succeed

The best part is, you can do this for people too! BE the person who is supportive, helpful, who offers calm and balanced advice, the shoulder to cry on, the hand to hold, the one who can elicit a laugh in the most stressful of times, the behind the scenes sanity-saver…by giving you will only learn and receive MORE in your own life! In other words, be a MENTOR!

Be a Cheerful Giver

Mentoring, and MOM is all about being a cheerful GIVER. Someone who helps and mentors others as a way to give back, even if not directly, to all those that “invisibly” help others to achieve their life dreams. Start creating your PYRAMID for SUCCESS today, if you don’t have a group to support you, you want to start looking for and cultivating the friends, acquaintances, co-workers and anyone else you come across who makes you feel good about yourself and your dreams and before you know it, AMAZING RESULTS will appear as you work on and achieve your goals and dreams, instead of giving up or ignoring the real dreams when you lose belief that they are possible.







Kristina Blasen My life’s journey is about helping others to realize their potential, to mentor others and encourage their dreams to become reality, to help others grow, to offer counsel and support, to offer a helping hand and is realized by being a catalyst for change.

Kristina Blasen is a transformative life coach. She specializes in working with teens and adults to help them discover their life purpose and create a plan to turn their dreams into reality. She believes strongly in radical change! Do you need radical change in your life? She may be reached at:

~Kristina Blasen





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